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Poor Bob has been waiting a long time for this scarf. It always seems to get pushed to the back of the line. But now that Christmas is over, I have vowed to concentrate on Bob’s Piano Keyboard Scarf. Here you see it before I put the chain on…. one octave complete!


I started this scarf probably more then a year ago. I found the chart and knitting instructions online and started knitting away in stockinette. I wasn’t as wise as I am now, and didn’t realize that without a border this puppy was gonna roll…….


and roll, and roll! I also didn’t like the way the back looked. I got very discouraged and put it away for a while. I thought about lining the back with fabric, but nothing appealed to me. When I finally decided to get this project out and get it finished, I sat down and searched the internet again to see what other people had done. I found a double-knit scarf, but I wasn’t up to that. I did a potholder double-knit once and that was enough for me. I looks very pretty though.


Then I found this crochet version on Cats-Rockin-Crochet blog. It was just what I was looking for. Here is how far I have gotten. I am very happy with it. Bob’s scarf is well on it’s way!

Two Octaves Done!!!



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I am working on Christmas presents. I am making a version of the Benny the Monkey from Beth Doherty’s book Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute. Only my monkey will be a cutsey girl monkey cuz that’s what my granddaughter wants. She knows I am making it for her so I can tell you about it, but no pictures until after Christmas.

I was working on the muzzle the other night and following the book. The instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” Then the next thing you know, they say “Rnd 9: (Invdec, sc in next 2 st) 3 times (9 sc).  And at first I’m wondering if I had missed something. Then I started measuring and realized 23 rows were way too many. Didn’t really want to just assume that the instructions should be “Rnds 3 – 8: Sc in each sc.” So I decided to go online and see if there were corrections for the book on Beth’s website. There was a nice little announcement that a correction page for the book was coming soon, but I needed to know right away.

Then I remembered… and how could I forget, all the great people, information and help on Ravelry. I quickly logged in and did a search for the pattern. There it was! The answer!  Errata! Muzzle instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” should read “Rnds 3-8: Sc in each sc”. One of my Ravelry family had actually found this information in a Knitter’s Review forum. (Links to these sites are on the sidebar). Once again Ravelry has proven itself a very valuable tool.  I heart Ravelry! And Knitter’s Review, too!


This is the muzzle in question, in a picture from Beth’s Flickr account. Thank you Beth for some of the cutest patterns in your new book.

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Amigurumi Book

I got a new book. I love it. It is “Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute” by Elizabeth Doherty and I got it from Amazon. So many cute projects in here and a lot of good tips. I am going to try to make the boy monkey into a cute girl monkey. Great pictures and easy instructions. I recommend this book, and will show you my projects as I go along! Beth also has a website where you can see pictures of her work… really amazing!! Check it out.

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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by since my last post. Time flies. Anyway because of Christmas, I haven’t been able to say much about the knitting I am doing now. I have three gifts finished and I have a good start on the fourth.

Yesterday, my partner, Bob, and I went yard saleing. We got up fairly early for a Saturday and Bob snagged a paper and we hopped in the truck. As I scanned the paper I noticed an ad that actually said “yarn”. We had to go. But there was a sale right by our house so we stopped there first… nothing. Then off to the sale with the yarn. The woman had been a weaver and she had a loom for sale. So most of her yarn was weaving yarn. Looked around a bit, and then there on the table among baskets and shuttles I saw it. An umbrella swift!! For ten dollars!! I couldn’t believe my luck. Only problem was, it was something Bob had wanted to get me for Christmas! So he grabbed it up and paid for it, and now I can’t used it till after the 25th of December. Oh well, I did get a picture of it for you when he wasn’t looking.


Beautiful and since we bought the swift, she gave me a bag of interesting odds and ends of yarns, wools and cottons. I will have to use my imagination with these.

weaving yarns

We continued our saleing and had a wonderful morning. Just across the main road in the next neighborhood, we came across a neighborhood-wide yard sale. Every five houses or so there was a sale. So we parked the truck and strolled around block after block. I found another bag of yarn just made for Amigurumi production. It was mostly acrylic with only one skein of wool… a nice deep red I can use for felting. And the whole bag was only two dollars. Look at all the colors.

yard sale yarn

And I found a copy of the second Harry Potter book on tape for only two dollars…. it was a good day.

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Anyone have idea’s for a name for this little guy?


This cutie I made in one day while I was on vacation. I found a new link to the pattern. You can find his pattern here. I am working diligently on Christmas presents which I can’t talk about. But I did get pictures of the two kits I purchased at Sheep’s Clothing.


The purple doesn’t want to photograph real well here, but you can kinda see it is varigated. Big warm wool socks.


And the Sheepish Sampler Scarf. I decided to make it black with a white face. It was so cute done up in the shop. I’m not sure if I am going to keep it or give it as a gift. There are not many days here in Florida to wear a wool scarf.

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Home Again

Monkey in NY

And here is the monkey in all his glory. He got to go to the mountains with us. We had a wonderful week in NY and I have pictures and stories to post. For now it’s unpacking. Hopefully I will post more tonight. AND I have been invited to Ravelry! I will be checking it out and reporting back here.

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I’ve had a busy week getting ready to go on a much needed vacation, but I wanted to get this picture of the monkey up before leaving town. We will be in NY for a week, and I plan on taking lots of pictures. Monkey is almost done but I have decided to take him with me so he can see NY. Lot’s of packing to do…..  

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