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Knit or Die


Knit or Die, originally uploaded by babaknit.

This is my favorite Christmas present this year! Bob made this for me! He is so talented and artistic!


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Down Time

I haven’t been knitting or blogging for several weeks now because of pain in my wrist/arm/shoulder. I wanted to get on today to post pictures of our kool-aide dyeing project, but with the new dashboard everything is screwed up. My graphics are overlapping in some places and cut off in other places. I wanted to have a lot of nice pictures, but the process to insert pictures has changed and dang if I can find any instructions. I’m very disappointed in this whole “upgrade”.  Can someone help me?

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I had planned to write while I was on vacation and I uploaded these photo’s before I left. Now I am back and I never wrote a thing! These are the two hats for charity that I finished before I left. The first is the Helix Striped Hat by Joan L. Hamer. It’s from the knitting pattern a day calendar. I made it with scraps of Vanna’s choice. It is sized for a child.

If I had to think of the perfect cap in terms of the actual knitting, it would contain no ribbing, no purling, no sewing up, and no gazillion yarn ends to darn in. This cap eliminates all of these and looks great to boot.” From the pattern.

And it was all that! A fun hat to make.


This one is the Easy Roll Brim Knit Hat by Laurie Perry. I made this with a chunky purpley-blue yarn I got at the thrift store. Fun, fast and easy.


The pattern is available for free from Crazy Aunt Purl.


This one fits an adult. I have some vacation pictures on my flickr to share.

more to come……

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Hat and Hat


Smore’s at the campfire! What could be better! And a nice warm hat to wear. I made Alaina the Urban Urchin by Marnie Ann Joyce . I found the pattern on the Stitch n Bitch Page-a-Day Calendar. You can also buy the pattern at Curlypurly’s website for $7.50. It makes a cool hat that fits everybody!

I used 1 skein of Lion Brand’s White Frost wool-ease and size 8 needles.


Bob got a new hat too! I used Bernat Camouflage in the Outback color and size 7 and 5 needles. (I always use smaller needles… I knit loose) This is the Samara’s Hat by Jen Showalter. I found the pattern through Ravelry and it is free here. Thank you MeanGirl.


Bob is very happy with his hat. It is really big and comfy.


 What is up in that tree?


I am spending more time knitting and cataloging old photos and less time blogging. Just a phase I think.

I had to search through the stashes on Ravelry to find someone with the white wool-ease I needed to finish Bob’s Piano Scarf. It is in the mail to me now. Who would have thought that Lion Brand would discontinue white? Go figure.

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The Vinter Lue was fun to make and fit my son Michael just right. I used the pattern from Knitty (see link on sidebar) with just one adjustment. It called for size 8 needles and I used 10.5 throughout. I don’t know if this was a mistake in the pattern, but so many people on Ravelry were saying the hat turned out too small, I checked my gauge very carefully.  It has been weather-tested in the hills of Tennessee and said to be very warm indeed.


I used Alafoss Lopi yarn in Forest Green and Ecru Heather. The yarn was fun to work with and knit up very fast. I love working with good wool. It blocks up so easily and dries so quickly. You can see other pictures of it on my Flickr account. This project gets 5 stars all around!

I am having a time locating the white Wool-ease to finish the Keyboard Scarf, so it is still on hold… poor Bob!

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Here are some of the things I have been working on for the last couple of months. I couldn’t show any of them because they were all Christmas presents. There is Alaina wearing the Scarf Tied Hat by Cathy Carron. It’s from the Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007. The only thing I changed was to make the hat stockinette instead of moss stitch. Oh, and I used the number of stitches for the large size for the brim and then decresed to the smaller size, just to make the brim floppier. The yarn was a thrift store find. Caron Dazzleaire in the color Sunrise. It was fun to make and I think it turned out real cute. You can see the colors and shape better here:


I finished the monkey in time. This is my version of Benny the Monkey from Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute by Beth Doherty. Again, this was for Alaina and Alaina gets to name her.


She is one of my favorite projects. It took a long time with all the details though. I don’t like to do a lot of piecing together, but it was worth it.

Booga Bags done up in Araucania Atacama. I bought the yarn from Needles and Knobs, my LYS. This yarn felted up a lot more then the Noro I’m used to using. I made these about one third smaller then the usual Booga Bags.


One for my sister-in-law Debi in pink,


and one for my son’s better half, Brooke.

The Christmas stocking saga goes on. When I posted the stocking I made for my nephew KC on Ravelry, I found someone else had put the pattern up! It is available at Ruthless Knitting. She also has a great picture of all the Santa Claus stockings hanging on her mantle. Thank you Ruth for making this pattern available again. I am finding a lot of families have this same stocking as part of their Christmas traditions.

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I have had a lovely holiday season. I missed my family, but had the company of my good friends and my wonderful sigoth (I just made that word up, it’s short for significant other, like it?) Bob the maniac. I received two swifts for Christmas! If you remember I found one at a yard sale and Bob snatched it up. Well he did this to it:

New swift

He stained it purple and added beads! Purple beads!


He had already purchased another swift for me and so I got this one too.


I love them both. I also got some new sock yarn and a new book.


My sister Deborah sent me a picture of her Christmas stocking,


and Amy sent me a picture of her stocking with her brother Rob’s stocking. Really nice pictures. I appreciate it ladies.


New Years Eve was quiet. We watched Stargate SG-1 and fell asleep way before midnight. Wonderful!

I am happy the holidays are over for one reason. Now I can tell you all about the knitting I have done for the past two months! Be back soon.

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