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Here are some of the things I have been working on for the last couple of months. I couldn’t show any of them because they were all Christmas presents. There is Alaina wearing the Scarf Tied Hat by Cathy Carron. It’s from the Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007. The only thing I changed was to make the hat stockinette instead of moss stitch. Oh, and I used the number of stitches for the large size for the brim and then decresed to the smaller size, just to make the brim floppier. The yarn was a thrift store find. Caron Dazzleaire in the color Sunrise. It was fun to make and I think it turned out real cute. You can see the colors and shape better here:


I finished the monkey in time. This is my version of Benny the Monkey from Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute by Beth Doherty. Again, this was for Alaina and Alaina gets to name her.


She is one of my favorite projects. It took a long time with all the details though. I don’t like to do a lot of piecing together, but it was worth it.

Booga Bags done up in Araucania Atacama. I bought the yarn from Needles and Knobs, my LYS. This yarn felted up a lot more then the Noro I’m used to using. I made these about one third smaller then the usual Booga Bags.


One for my sister-in-law Debi in pink,


and one for my son’s better half, Brooke.

The Christmas stocking saga goes on. When I posted the stocking I made for my nephew KC on Ravelry, I found someone else had put the pattern up! It is available at Ruthless Knitting. She also has a great picture of all the Santa Claus stockings hanging on her mantle. Thank you Ruth for making this pattern available again. I am finding a lot of families have this same stocking as part of their Christmas traditions.


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I am working on Christmas presents. I am making a version of the Benny the Monkey from Beth Doherty’s book Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute. Only my monkey will be a cutsey girl monkey cuz that’s what my granddaughter wants. She knows I am making it for her so I can tell you about it, but no pictures until after Christmas.

I was working on the muzzle the other night and following the book. The instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” Then the next thing you know, they say “Rnd 9: (Invdec, sc in next 2 st) 3 times (9 sc).  And at first I’m wondering if I had missed something. Then I started measuring and realized 23 rows were way too many. Didn’t really want to just assume that the instructions should be “Rnds 3 – 8: Sc in each sc.” So I decided to go online and see if there were corrections for the book on Beth’s website. There was a nice little announcement that a correction page for the book was coming soon, but I needed to know right away.

Then I remembered… and how could I forget, all the great people, information and help on Ravelry. I quickly logged in and did a search for the pattern. There it was! The answer!  Errata! Muzzle instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” should read “Rnds 3-8: Sc in each sc”. One of my Ravelry family had actually found this information in a Knitter’s Review forum. (Links to these sites are on the sidebar). Once again Ravelry has proven itself a very valuable tool.  I heart Ravelry! And Knitter’s Review, too!


This is the muzzle in question, in a picture from Beth’s Flickr account. Thank you Beth for some of the cutest patterns in your new book.

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Amigurumi Book

I got a new book. I love it. It is “Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute” by Elizabeth Doherty and I got it from Amazon. So many cute projects in here and a lot of good tips. I am going to try to make the boy monkey into a cute girl monkey. Great pictures and easy instructions. I recommend this book, and will show you my projects as I go along! Beth also has a website where you can see pictures of her work… really amazing!! Check it out.

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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by since my last post. Time flies. Anyway because of Christmas, I haven’t been able to say much about the knitting I am doing now. I have three gifts finished and I have a good start on the fourth.

Yesterday, my partner, Bob, and I went yard saleing. We got up fairly early for a Saturday and Bob snagged a paper and we hopped in the truck. As I scanned the paper I noticed an ad that actually said “yarn”. We had to go. But there was a sale right by our house so we stopped there first… nothing. Then off to the sale with the yarn. The woman had been a weaver and she had a loom for sale. So most of her yarn was weaving yarn. Looked around a bit, and then there on the table among baskets and shuttles I saw it. An umbrella swift!! For ten dollars!! I couldn’t believe my luck. Only problem was, it was something Bob had wanted to get me for Christmas! So he grabbed it up and paid for it, and now I can’t used it till after the 25th of December. Oh well, I did get a picture of it for you when he wasn’t looking.


Beautiful and since we bought the swift, she gave me a bag of interesting odds and ends of yarns, wools and cottons. I will have to use my imagination with these.

weaving yarns

We continued our saleing and had a wonderful morning. Just across the main road in the next neighborhood, we came across a neighborhood-wide yard sale. Every five houses or so there was a sale. So we parked the truck and strolled around block after block. I found another bag of yarn just made for Amigurumi production. It was mostly acrylic with only one skein of wool… a nice deep red I can use for felting. And the whole bag was only two dollars. Look at all the colors.

yard sale yarn

And I found a copy of the second Harry Potter book on tape for only two dollars…. it was a good day.

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Anyone have idea’s for a name for this little guy?


This cutie I made in one day while I was on vacation. I found a new link to the pattern. You can find his pattern here. I am working diligently on Christmas presents which I can’t talk about. But I did get pictures of the two kits I purchased at Sheep’s Clothing.


The purple doesn’t want to photograph real well here, but you can kinda see it is varigated. Big warm wool socks.


And the Sheepish Sampler Scarf. I decided to make it black with a white face. It was so cute done up in the shop. I’m not sure if I am going to keep it or give it as a gift. There are not many days here in Florida to wear a wool scarf.

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Home Again

Monkey in NY

And here is the monkey in all his glory. He got to go to the mountains with us. We had a wonderful week in NY and I have pictures and stories to post. For now it’s unpacking. Hopefully I will post more tonight. AND I have been invited to Ravelry! I will be checking it out and reporting back here.

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I’ve had a busy week getting ready to go on a much needed vacation, but I wanted to get this picture of the monkey up before leaving town. We will be in NY for a week, and I plan on taking lots of pictures. Monkey is almost done but I have decided to take him with me so he can see NY. Lot’s of packing to do…..  

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