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Sheep’s Clothing

This is Sheep’s Clothing, the Morehouse Farm store in Milan, NY. This was a highlight of our vacation (for me anyway). I love the wool from Morehouse Farm sheep. It is a wonderfully soft Merino, and the colors are rich, just gorgeous. I only bought two kits this time around. One sock kit and one scarf kit. I will get pictures up soon.  

I have been playing with Ravelry ever since I got back from vacation. Which really means I opened a Flickr account and have been uploading all my photos. The link on the side bar will take you to all my public photos. There is a folder for Vacation photos and one that is named Projects. That is where you will see all my knitting and crochet pictures. Well, not all yet, but the ones I have worked on.

Ravelry is really great. You can list all your books and yarn and projects. It links you to people who have worked on the same projects. You can look up a certain yarn and find pattern ideas and see pictures of things your peers have made. Find comments others have made about the yarn. There are Forums and Groups too. Hundreds of groups. I keep joining groups!

The site is still in Beta and there is a waiting list to be accepted. I joined the waiting list on July 4th and just got accepted last week. My ID is Babaknit. If you are a member, come check out my profile.

My current projects are Christmas presents, so I really can’t be talking about them. Too bad, I would love to be showing them off!


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