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Here are some of the things I have been working on for the last couple of months. I couldn’t show any of them because they were all Christmas presents. There is Alaina wearing the Scarf Tied Hat by Cathy Carron. It’s from the Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007. The only thing I changed was to make the hat stockinette instead of moss stitch. Oh, and I used the number of stitches for the large size for the brim and then decresed to the smaller size, just to make the brim floppier. The yarn was a thrift store find. Caron Dazzleaire in the color Sunrise. It was fun to make and I think it turned out real cute. You can see the colors and shape better here:


I finished the monkey in time. This is my version of Benny the Monkey from Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute by Beth Doherty. Again, this was for Alaina and Alaina gets to name her.


She is one of my favorite projects. It took a long time with all the details though. I don’t like to do a lot of piecing together, but it was worth it.

Booga Bags done up in Araucania Atacama. I bought the yarn from Needles and Knobs, my LYS. This yarn felted up a lot more then the Noro I’m used to using. I made these about one third smaller then the usual Booga Bags.


One for my sister-in-law Debi in pink,


and one for my son’s better half, Brooke.

The Christmas stocking saga goes on. When I posted the stocking I made for my nephew KC on Ravelry, I found someone else had put the pattern up! It is available at Ruthless Knitting. She also has a great picture of all the Santa Claus stockings hanging on her mantle. Thank you Ruth for making this pattern available again. I am finding a lot of families have this same stocking as part of their Christmas traditions.


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I have had a lovely holiday season. I missed my family, but had the company of my good friends and my wonderful sigoth (I just made that word up, it’s short for significant other, like it?) Bob the maniac. I received two swifts for Christmas! If you remember I found one at a yard sale and Bob snatched it up. Well he did this to it:

New swift

He stained it purple and added beads! Purple beads!


He had already purchased another swift for me and so I got this one too.


I love them both. I also got some new sock yarn and a new book.


My sister Deborah sent me a picture of her Christmas stocking,


and Amy sent me a picture of her stocking with her brother Rob’s stocking. Really nice pictures. I appreciate it ladies.


New Years Eve was quiet. We watched Stargate SG-1 and fell asleep way before midnight. Wonderful!

I am happy the holidays are over for one reason. Now I can tell you all about the knitting I have done for the past two months! Be back soon.

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Amy’s Stocking

Here is my cousin Amy’s stocking made by my grandmother Ruth Bedford Watts, known to us as Mimi. I’m putting out a call to the rest of my family to send me pictures of their stockings. And any other items they may have that were knitted or crocheted by Mimi. I want to put them all up on the blog. Here comes Santa Claus……..

Barby Santa Ken Santa Liz Santa KC Santa

Barby’s………………….Ken’s………………………Liz’s…………………..and KC’s Santas

This is a picture of some of Mimi’s knitting supplies…. look, the stocking patterns!!

Mimi’s Patterns

P.S. The eagle in the pictures below live in the cemetary where my mother is. You can see him sitting in in the tree from her grave. Very strong juju.


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Christmas is coming! I have been working diligently on hand-made presents for my family, so I haven’t had much time to write… couldn’t post pictures of those presents and my photo editing program zonked out on me to boot. Finally got a new program installed and was able to get these pictures cropped and sized.

This first stocking is one that my grandmother made me in 1956. She made one for each of us six kids. I believe she made one for both of my cousins, too. Mine has jingle bells, my name, Barby, my Grandmothers initials, RBW and the year I was born, 1956. Wow. It seems to be made of a light worsted weight wool.

The second stocking here is my brother Ken’s. It is a little different, having a white toe, no initials and date and oddly enough, no bells. The Santa on Ken’s seems to have a duplicate stitch on Sants beard to add the fuzzy look. It was made in 1968. It also feels like wool, but a heavier one. I haven’t tested it.


This next one is my daughter Liz’s stocking made in 1979. It has her full first name Elizabeth and a label inside that says Hand Knit and Fashioned by Ruth B. Watts. I think Liz’s stocking may have been made with acrylic. The yarn is a slightly heavier weight still. But we have jingle bells!


And finally I have KC’s stocking. KC was born after my Grandmother’s passing and just about the time I took up my needles again after some years of not knitting. I didn’t have my Grandmother’s pattern, but I did have my stocking to copy.


I used a heavy worsted weight acrylic yarn. I wish now I had used wool, but I thought acrylic would hold up better here in Florida.

 I am hoping the rest of my family members will read my blog and send me photos of their stockings. It would be nice to see them all here. Next post I will show you close-ups of the Santa’s. They are all different. Oh, what fun!

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