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I have had a lovely holiday season. I missed my family, but had the company of my good friends and my wonderful sigoth (I just made that word up, it’s short for significant other, like it?) Bob the maniac. I received two swifts for Christmas! If you remember I found one at a yard sale and Bob snatched it up. Well he did this to it:

New swift

He stained it purple and added beads! Purple beads!


He had already purchased another swift for me and so I got this one too.


I love them both. I also got some new sock yarn and a new book.


My sister Deborah sent me a picture of her Christmas stocking,


and Amy sent me a picture of her stocking with her brother Rob’s stocking. Really nice pictures. I appreciate it ladies.


New Years Eve was quiet. We watched Stargate SG-1 and fell asleep way before midnight. Wonderful!

I am happy the holidays are over for one reason. Now I can tell you all about the knitting I have done for the past two months! Be back soon.


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