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Here are some of the things I have been working on for the last couple of months. I couldn’t show any of them because they were all Christmas presents. There is Alaina wearing the Scarf Tied Hat by Cathy Carron. It’s from the Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007. The only thing I changed was to make the hat stockinette instead of moss stitch. Oh, and I used the number of stitches for the large size for the brim and then decresed to the smaller size, just to make the brim floppier. The yarn was a thrift store find. Caron Dazzleaire in the color Sunrise. It was fun to make and I think it turned out real cute. You can see the colors and shape better here:


I finished the monkey in time. This is my version of Benny the Monkey from Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute by Beth Doherty. Again, this was for Alaina and Alaina gets to name her.


She is one of my favorite projects. It took a long time with all the details though. I don’t like to do a lot of piecing together, but it was worth it.

Booga Bags done up in Araucania Atacama. I bought the yarn from Needles and Knobs, my LYS. This yarn felted up a lot more then the Noro I’m used to using. I made these about one third smaller then the usual Booga Bags.


One for my sister-in-law Debi in pink,


and one for my son’s better half, Brooke.

The Christmas stocking saga goes on. When I posted the stocking I made for my nephew KC on Ravelry, I found someone else had put the pattern up! It is available at Ruthless Knitting. She also has a great picture of all the Santa Claus stockings hanging on her mantle. Thank you Ruth for making this pattern available again. I am finding a lot of families have this same stocking as part of their Christmas traditions.


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snow-gnome-2.jpgI have been trying to find the right yarn for the Yuletime Gnome by Alan Dart. The pattern calls for Sirdar Country Style DK, which I am sure is easy enough to get in Great Britian, but not so easy to find here in the US. I searched through the projects on Ravelry to see what others had used. It looked like most people had chosen to use a sport weight yarn to substitute. I wasn’t real happy with that so I kept looking. I did a search on Google for DK weight yarn and came up with yarns that were easily available overseas, but had hefty shipping charges involved for US deliveries. So I went back to Ravelry and did a search in the yarns section for DK weight. That’s when I noticed Paton’s  Astra. It is listed as sport, but will knit up to a DK gauge. Then I saw that the Harlot had used it to make mittens. That was a good sign. I went to the Paton website and read about the yarn. It is all acrylic, but that is ok when making toys and Amigurumi. It comes in a ton of colors… a dark, medium and light tan for all skin types! But where was it available? Click, click…. Herrschners, Jo-Anns and Mary Maxim, all online. I think I found my answer! I still needed to feel the yarn. I ran down to the local Jo-Ann’s to see if they had it in the store. They did, but only 4 or 5 colors. I snatched up a couple of skeins of the Electric Blues varigated color. I’ll knit up a little hat real quick and see how it does.


While I was at Jo-Ann’s I looked around for yarn to use for the gnome’s beard. I found this Jo-Ann exclusive “Expose” eyelash yarn in the sale bin. 2 for $3. I picked up a black and a purple… altho it looks more blue in the photo. And the plus is the yarn has little tiny beads throughout. Don’t gnomes have beads in their beards? Well mine will.


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Camo Hat

At last, something that I can share! Although it is a gift, it is for my three year old nephew and he doesn’t read my blog! The pattern is a mix of several sources. I like the earflaps on this one, they go all the way around the back to keep the neck warm. He will be going to North Carolina for Christmas so he will get good use of this hat.

I got lost in Ravelry most of the weekend. I learned about the British magazine Simply Knitting and the Alan Dart patterns in the magazine. A lot of people on Ravelry had pictures of the gnomes from last years Christmas supplement that they had made. I immediately wanted the pattern because I do so love gnumblies. But it looks like only way I am going to get the pattern is to send off a check to Simply Knitting. There are people on ebay selling it, but for crazy money. I am not that obsessed!

I did go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy of the October issue. Seems the British post is having a strike or something, and all the deliveries are late. The October issue had the pattern for a witch by Alan Dart. I have plenty of time to make it for next year. It seems every issue comes with a free gift and the October issue came with a free calander for 2008. Very nice pictures of a project each month and all the instructions are included. I would like to subscribe to the magazine, since it is so hard to get here, but it is 135.oo for a year. Granted it is 13 issues, but that is quite an investment for me. I think I will buy a few more issues if I can find them and see if I really want the mag.

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Sheep’s Clothing

This is Sheep’s Clothing, the Morehouse Farm store in Milan, NY. This was a highlight of our vacation (for me anyway). I love the wool from Morehouse Farm sheep. It is a wonderfully soft Merino, and the colors are rich, just gorgeous. I only bought two kits this time around. One sock kit and one scarf kit. I will get pictures up soon.  

I have been playing with Ravelry ever since I got back from vacation. Which really means I opened a Flickr account and have been uploading all my photos. The link on the side bar will take you to all my public photos. There is a folder for Vacation photos and one that is named Projects. That is where you will see all my knitting and crochet pictures. Well, not all yet, but the ones I have worked on.

Ravelry is really great. You can list all your books and yarn and projects. It links you to people who have worked on the same projects. You can look up a certain yarn and find pattern ideas and see pictures of things your peers have made. Find comments others have made about the yarn. There are Forums and Groups too. Hundreds of groups. I keep joining groups!

The site is still in Beta and there is a waiting list to be accepted. I joined the waiting list on July 4th and just got accepted last week. My ID is Babaknit. If you are a member, come check out my profile.

My current projects are Christmas presents, so I really can’t be talking about them. Too bad, I would love to be showing them off!

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Home Again

Monkey in NY

And here is the monkey in all his glory. He got to go to the mountains with us. We had a wonderful week in NY and I have pictures and stories to post. For now it’s unpacking. Hopefully I will post more tonight. AND I have been invited to Ravelry! I will be checking it out and reporting back here.

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