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Camo Hat

At last, something that I can share! Although it is a gift, it is for my three year old nephew and he doesn’t read my blog! The pattern is a mix of several sources. I like the earflaps on this one, they go all the way around the back to keep the neck warm. He will be going to North Carolina for Christmas so he will get good use of this hat.

I got lost in Ravelry most of the weekend. I learned about the British magazine Simply Knitting and the Alan Dart patterns in the magazine. A lot of people on Ravelry had pictures of the gnomes from last years Christmas supplement that they had made. I immediately wanted the pattern because I do so love gnumblies. But it looks like only way I am going to get the pattern is to send off a check to Simply Knitting. There are people on ebay selling it, but for crazy money. I am not that obsessed!

I did go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy of the October issue. Seems the British post is having a strike or something, and all the deliveries are late. The October issue had the pattern for a witch by Alan Dart. I have plenty of time to make it for next year. It seems every issue comes with a free gift and the October issue came with a free calander for 2008. Very nice pictures of a project each month and all the instructions are included. I would like to subscribe to the magazine, since it is so hard to get here, but it is 135.oo for a year. Granted it is 13 issues, but that is quite an investment for me. I think I will buy a few more issues if I can find them and see if I really want the mag.


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