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I have had a lovely holiday season. I missed my family, but had the company of my good friends and my wonderful sigoth (I just made that word up, it’s short for significant other, like it?) Bob the maniac. I received two swifts for Christmas! If you remember I found one at a yard sale and Bob snatched it up. Well he did this to it:

New swift

He stained it purple and added beads! Purple beads!


He had already purchased another swift for me and so I got this one too.


I love them both. I also got some new sock yarn and a new book.


My sister Deborah sent me a picture of her Christmas stocking,


and Amy sent me a picture of her stocking with her brother Rob’s stocking. Really nice pictures. I appreciate it ladies.


New Years Eve was quiet. We watched Stargate SG-1 and fell asleep way before midnight. Wonderful!

I am happy the holidays are over for one reason. Now I can tell you all about the knitting I have done for the past two months! Be back soon.


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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by since my last post. Time flies. Anyway because of Christmas, I haven’t been able to say much about the knitting I am doing now. I have three gifts finished and I have a good start on the fourth.

Yesterday, my partner, Bob, and I went yard saleing. We got up fairly early for a Saturday and Bob snagged a paper and we hopped in the truck. As I scanned the paper I noticed an ad that actually said “yarn”. We had to go. But there was a sale right by our house so we stopped there first… nothing. Then off to the sale with the yarn. The woman had been a weaver and she had a loom for sale. So most of her yarn was weaving yarn. Looked around a bit, and then there on the table among baskets and shuttles I saw it. An umbrella swift!! For ten dollars!! I couldn’t believe my luck. Only problem was, it was something Bob had wanted to get me for Christmas! So he grabbed it up and paid for it, and now I can’t used it till after the 25th of December. Oh well, I did get a picture of it for you when he wasn’t looking.


Beautiful and since we bought the swift, she gave me a bag of interesting odds and ends of yarns, wools and cottons. I will have to use my imagination with these.

weaving yarns

We continued our saleing and had a wonderful morning. Just across the main road in the next neighborhood, we came across a neighborhood-wide yard sale. Every five houses or so there was a sale. So we parked the truck and strolled around block after block. I found another bag of yarn just made for Amigurumi production. It was mostly acrylic with only one skein of wool… a nice deep red I can use for felting. And the whole bag was only two dollars. Look at all the colors.

yard sale yarn

And I found a copy of the second Harry Potter book on tape for only two dollars…. it was a good day.

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