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I finally found my copy of the Santa Stocking that was on the Ruthless website. Please email me and I will send you a PDF copy. It was on a backup CD of one of my old computers, enjoy!

Barbara Watts



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Alaina’s Monkey, originally uploaded by babaknit.

I am trying to remember how to post pictures from flickr to my blog, so this is a test. I made this monkey in 2007 for my Granddaughter’s Christmas. Happy, Happy!

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Knit or Die


Knit or Die, originally uploaded by babaknit.

This is my favorite Christmas present this year! Bob made this for me! He is so talented and artistic!

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Mary Oakley (Christiana) Bedford, originally uploaded by babaknit.

This is a photo of my Great-Grandmother Mary Oakley Christiana Bedford. She and my Great-Grandfather Edward Bedford had a farm on the Hudson River. Here she is seen feeding her sheep in the pear orchard, Pine Cliff Farm, Stuyvesant, NY. As a matter of fact the sheep in the header photo are also from the same era, same farm.

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Purple Sock

Purple Sock, originally uploaded by babaknit.

I’m starting to knit again, real slow so I don’t aggrivate my arm. This is just the right project to start with. Wonderfully soft, squishy purple Merino yarn. Yummy.

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Michael’s Baby Blanket, originally uploaded by babaknit.

I wanted to share this photo of a blanket that my grandmother Ruth B. Watts made when I had my first baby. It has been through four babies now, Michael, Liz, Alaina and KC. It is still in beautiful shape. It is pink and blue because back in those days you didn’t know ahead of time if you were having a boy or girl.

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The Other Side

Scenes from the office complete

Originally uploaded by babaknit

Here is the other side. And there is Ozzy on his blanket. I had to move the basket of knitted hats because Ozzy thought it was his new bed!
I have just leaned how to blog through flickr and I love it! It is so easy!!!! The only thing is I can only have one photo per entry… so far. If there is a way to do more I haven’t figured it out yet. Love this!

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