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I am working on Christmas presents. I am making a version of the Benny the Monkey from Beth Doherty’s book Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute. Only my monkey will be a cutsey girl monkey cuz that’s what my granddaughter wants. She knows I am making it for her so I can tell you about it, but no pictures until after Christmas.

I was working on the muzzle the other night and following the book. The instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” Then the next thing you know, they say “Rnd 9: (Invdec, sc in next 2 st) 3 times (9 sc).  And at first I’m wondering if I had missed something. Then I started measuring and realized 23 rows were way too many. Didn’t really want to just assume that the instructions should be “Rnds 3 – 8: Sc in each sc.” So I decided to go online and see if there were corrections for the book on Beth’s website. There was a nice little announcement that a correction page for the book was coming soon, but I needed to know right away.

Then I remembered… and how could I forget, all the great people, information and help on Ravelry. I quickly logged in and did a search for the pattern. There it was! The answer!  Errata! Muzzle instructions read “Rnds 3-23: Sc in each sc.” should read “Rnds 3-8: Sc in each sc”. One of my Ravelry family had actually found this information in a Knitter’s Review forum. (Links to these sites are on the sidebar). Once again Ravelry has proven itself a very valuable tool.  I heart Ravelry! And Knitter’s Review, too!


This is the muzzle in question, in a picture from Beth’s Flickr account. Thank you Beth for some of the cutest patterns in your new book.


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Home Again

Monkey in NY

And here is the monkey in all his glory. He got to go to the mountains with us. We had a wonderful week in NY and I have pictures and stories to post. For now it’s unpacking. Hopefully I will post more tonight. AND I have been invited to Ravelry! I will be checking it out and reporting back here.

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I’ve had a busy week getting ready to go on a much needed vacation, but I wanted to get this picture of the monkey up before leaving town. We will be in NY for a week, and I plan on taking lots of pictures. Monkey is almost done but I have decided to take him with me so he can see NY. Lot’s of packing to do…..  

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Monkey head

OK, I couldn’t wait to start the amigurumi monkey! Doesn’t look knitted you say? Yeah, not a lot of knitted amigurumi patterns out there. So I got out the old crochet hook and got working. The ears are done and ready to be sewed on. Ami List has a good selection of free amigurumi patterns. It is here It even has some knitted amigurumi patterns. And there is a Crochet Along with many links to amigurumi patterns. I am adding the button to my sidebar.

I did get a couple of projects finished up and mailed off. A knitted jacket for Alaina……. 

Alaina’s jacket

And a couple of prayer shawls…..

Green Shawl Flowers

Green Shawl

Purple Shawl

 You will see a lot of purple on this blog.

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